It's your good name and ours

Great service helps to create great products. Recently one of our long-term clients was readying a renewal for a managed program at two of its manufacturing facilities' final finish quality control sections. But they faced a quandary - was the service level they were receiving up to their standards? This major U.S. multinational tire manufacturer is focused on consistently high productivity together with comprehensive quality.

Not satisfied that their standards in terms of responsiveness and engagement (a key factor in ensuring top notch quality assurance) were being met, they decided a change in supplier was needed.

With plants running at capacity and working 24 hours, 7 days a week, supplier transition time is a major consideration - and risk factor - zero down time was vital.

Technical Professionals Group's long-established relationship with the company’s proving grounds operations - and our reputation for problem solving - prompted purchasing to request our participation in an RFQ and as a result we were asked to come in to remedy the deficiency. At the client's request we put on hold the initial opportunity they were considering to work with the second group needing substantially more support.

We developed a transition plan ensuring the plant would experience no disruption in operations. The employees were grandfathered with time in service honored, benefits from day 1 and the client reaped a clear improvement in its quality and productivity metrics. And, with the transition of this larger of the two locations managed and completed - with no down time - we then addressed the first and original opportunity. Today the Technical Professionals Group team is an integral part of both locations' improved quality and growth.

When quality determines your brand and supplier responsiveness, safety and a steady hand are the priorities, the choice is clear: Technical Professionals Group.

  • A good name depends on high standards, practiced day in and day out
  • Manufacturing process knowledge is fundamental
  • Safety pays, we understand and embrace it daily
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The entire team, from payroll to recruiting to upper management support has been outstanding. TPG goes the extra mile.
Heavy vehicle test center executive
Over my 35 year career at GM the one company that stands out in my mind is the team at Technical Professionals Group.
Engineering manager
We needed a company to assist in future technology and systems development, we knew to call on TPG
Development manager
TPG knows the transportation industry. We are always pleased with the results they provide
Fleet manager
TPG operates as a highly ethical company that is dedicated to providing the best quality service to its clients
Electrical engineering director
When we needed a temporary cold weather test facility, TPG located one, fitted it out & executed our program flawlessly
Field Test Manager
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