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In the 1980’s the market leading Japanese automobile manufacturer had established a solid track record for quality, reliability and value. The growth in product offerings and volume confirmed what many others desired to dismiss. This was a company on the move and had long ago understood that listening to customers and focusing on quality paid dividends - in customer satisfaction and loyalty, both of which, in turn, drove sales and increased market share.

Continued growth dictated additional regional input and contribution. They created specialty design divisions, state of the art technical centers and the commpany's largest manufacturing facility world-wide, in the southeastern U.S. Then a site for evaluating the dynamic performance, durability & endurance of its production and prototype vehicles was needed. The company broke ground for that site in 1991 - for what was to become the largest proving ground in North America. Located in Arizona, the site was operational in 1993.

As the leader in efficiency and value in the automotive industry, this client understands the importance of value and of the role of strategic quality partnerships in achieving it. They chose to work with the Technical Professionals Group for technical, engineering and administrative support and we have, for decades, been the exclusive supplier to their AZ proving grounds for program management and technical services. Building a program, a team and a relationship from the ground up gave us long lasting insight into all facets of developing and managing a proving ground. It also taught us the value of a true partnership - mutual trust through dedication loyalty and performance. For TPG this was a success story built on a commitment to excellence.

  • Proving grounds expertise
  • Partnership and trust
  • Quality and safety
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The entire team, from payroll to recruiting to upper management support has been outstanding. TPG goes the extra mile.
Heavy vehicle test center executive
Over my 35 year career at GM the one company that stands out in my mind is the team at Technical Professionals Group.
Engineering manager
We needed a company to assist in future technology and systems development, we knew to call on TPG
Development manager
TPG knows the transportation industry. We are always pleased with the results they provide
Fleet manager
TPG operates as a highly ethical company that is dedicated to providing the best quality service to its clients
Electrical engineering director
When we needed a temporary cold weather test facility, TPG located one, fitted it out & executed our program flawlessly
Field Test Manager
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